Friday, June 20, 2014

How to install mod pack launchers.

This post is about how to install three mod pack launchers: Technic launcher, Feed the Beast launcher, and the Voids Wrath launcher.  So, lets get started.

First of all I will be showing how to install the Technic launcher.  This launcher is used for some famous packs such as Tekkit, Attack of the Bteam, and Hexxit.  The first thing to do is to type in "Technic launcher" in your search and click the link.

Then you can just click the download button with your operating system. (buttons highlighted in the picture bellow) 

After you click it, your download should start.  

The next Launcher will be the Feed the Beast launcher.  This launcher has all of the Feed the Beast packs as well as the Direwolf20 packs and Tech world 2.

So to start out, just search "ftb launcher" in your search bar and click the link highlighted in the picture bellow.

Then click the link with either the .exe or .jar depending on what file type you want.  

The links should start your download with whatever type of file you clicked.  

Finally I will show how to download the Voids Wrath launcher.  This launcher has all of the AtlanticCraft's mod packs they use.   These mod packs include Crazy Craft, Crazy Craft 2, Dream Craft, and The Fellowship mod pack.  

Type in "voids wrath" into the search bar and click the link highlighted in the picture bellow.  

Then scroll down and click the download button that works for your operating system.  

Then make sure to cancel any downloads and click the skip ad button.  

Then after skipping the ad, a file should start to download.  After it finishes, open up the .zip file and you should see the VoidLauncher application.  

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

First post!

Wow I just created a blog...
Well, better get started.

This blog will be about This. \/ \/ \/ \/ \/

Yes. This blog will be about Minecraft.  But not just Minecraft... \/ \/ \/

Yes... This is a Chicken... (His name is Shiny Blue Bigtum)
So I will be writing a variety of things but will pretty much be focused on Minecraft and Chickens.

Welcome to Minechicketopia.